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Random happy cactus.Saguaros from space:  Not only have they landed, they believe they blend in.  This extraterrestrial  saguaro was spotted in Saguaro National Park East.The Saguaro Monster:  This fearsome creature was spotted along the Fantasy Island Mountain Bike Bunny Trail, southeast of Tucson, Arizona.  And, while there have been no reports of it eating any cyclists, yet, it is just a matter of time before a rumor is started that is has! Saguaro Zombie number 1.  The hard freeze of 2011 has created an outbreak of saguaro zombies. Saguaro Zombies:  Previously dead saguaros have become reanimated and are stalking the living saguaros in Saguaro National Park.  Run while you can!
Comes with free packrats!Not sure what defines good cacti behavior, but I think it has something to do with effectively getting ones' point across.DISCLAIMER:  Not the actual Arizona sun.  Similarities to real suns now shining or imploded is purely coincidental. May burn.  May produce shadows. Not available 365 days a year in all counties. Color and location depends on time of day.  Not available after dark.Poor Hoss!NOT COMING SOON TO A DRIVE-IN NEAR YOU:

A two-hour driving tour through the Arizona desert turns into a day of horror for an unprepared group of tourists.  Was it the heat of the black top shimmering under the summer sun or the mythical Convertible of Death on Route 66?
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Saguaro Zombie number 3. The Saguaro Zombie epidemic is spreading at an alarming rate!  This one was spotted in the Saguaro National Park heading east towards Tucson at the blazing speed of .000000000001 MPH.   My zombie is greener than their zombie!  I am now prepared for the zombie apocalypse with my environmentally friendly zombie.
Armor-plated Stealth Rattlesnake:  check.
  My reptilian minion army is now complete!
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