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Scoping the Bosque
Water Miscible Oil on Masonite
2006 PRCA HOF John Farris
Graphite on Illustration Board
Sold Through PRCA HOF and National Day of the Cowboy.
Displayed in the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association Hall of Fame Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO, From July 15th, 2006 to February 2007.Mogollon Smile 11"x9"
Graphite on Illustration Board
Russell C. Baker Collection
Featured on a live broadcast of Good Morning Arizona along with Bethany Braley CEO of The National Day Of The Cowboy and Jennifer M. Ward, February 10, 2006.
1st Place, Fine Arts Pencil Professional, 2006 Pima Co. FairReady for the Parade 10.5"x13.5" Watercolor on Arches Paper
It was another gorgeous day in the Verde Valley as my two sisters and cousin waited in the staging area and prepared for the Fort Verde Days Parade.  The parade theme was "Cowgirls Then and Now".
Western Art
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The Old Ranch Tub 14"x11"
Graphite on Illustration Board
My niece, Brooklynne, sitting in the kitchen sink taking her bath while her mom prepared dinner.Good Ol' Blue 14"x11"
Prisma Color on Mylar.  The little girl in this drawing is my youngest sister who at the age of four learned that for an offering of a handful of grass, Ol' Blue would let her climb on his back and let her ride with no bridle.Watching the Grandkids
8"x10" Graphite on Paper.
Grampa Newt watching the grandkids do the darnedest things.
Figurative Art
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Water Miscible Oil on Stretched Canvas
Best of Class and 1st Place, Fine Arts Division Oil, Adult Non-Professional, 2003 Pima County Fair.Proboscidea Parviflora
Gouache on Paper
1st Place, Fine Arts Division Gouache, Adult Non-Professional, 2001 Pima County Fair.The Buckhorn
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
3rd Place, Fine Arts Division Acrylic, Adult Non-Professional, 2001 Pima County Fair.
Abstract and Contemporary Art
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