Proboscidea Parviflora
13"x16" Gouache on Paper
This painting was inspired by Proboscidea Parviflora, common name Devil's Claw, a Southwestern plant whose seed capsules are frequently collected and connected to form a long hanging chain by both children and adults alike.  The seed capsules dry to an insidious looking wooden sculpture with two eyes and two curved, very sharp claws.

20"x16" Water Miscible Oil on Stretched Canvas
What do you see sea shells, the Easter Bunny or a coyote?  Everyone sees something different when they look at this piece.  What do I see?  I see something different every time I look, that is what makes Disassembled so much fun.  But what I enjoy the most is hearing what other people have found in this image! 

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The Buckhorn
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
The inspiration for this piece came from three different photographs that I took of the family ranch.  I liked certain aspects of all three and decided to create a collage.  The Buckhorn Ranch was in a remote area past Castle Hot Springs along the dusty and at times nonexistent road which connected Lake Pleasant to Wickenburg, AZ.  There was no phone and power was supplied for about an hour by a gas generator. Water, along with the occasional guppy, came from a pipe upstream to supply the house.  
Flora Fauna Fire
Oil on Masonite
The flora can't escape.  The ancient trees must stand their ground.  The fauna attempts escape but the flame seduces it with growing light and fills the air with wisps of swirling smoke that creates confusion then panic; all succumb to the fire.  This piece was inspired by the Aspen Fire which ravaged a large portion of the Catalinas in Southeastern Arizona.
Best of Class and 1st Place, Fine Arts Division Oil, Adult Non-Professional, 2003 Pima County Fair
1st Place, Fine Arts Division Gouache, Adult Non-Professional, 2001 Pima County Fair
3rd Place, Fine Arts Division Acrylic, Adult Non-Professional, 2001 Pima County Fair
Abstract Art